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For over 15 years we've been Rhode Island's top personal training studio. You'll love our clean, stylish private studio, and our extraordinary trainers who ensure you get the results you want and have fun doing it.
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"Enjoy the process and celebrate the little moments--and when you look back you'll know you'd do it all again."

"Enjoy the process and celebrate the little moments--and when you look back you'll know you'd do it all again."

Alisha El-Machiah
After completing her BA in Hospitality Management at Johnson & Wales, Alisha discovered that the world of hotels and restaurants didn't give her what she really wanted: the opportunity to really touch people's lives. She quickly discovered that her years as an accomplished athlete could be a stepping stone to a career helping people make profound changes in their lives. She got her personal training certification from ISSA, and quickly proceeded to become a Youth Exercise Specialist (NASM), TRX Suspension Training specialist, and member of fitness industry group IDEA--and her Performance Enhancement Specialist certification from NASM is right around the corner. Whether you're just just starting out, recovering from an injury, or looking to be better on the slopes, Alisha's diverse and original approach to training will be not only more effective but also more fun than what you're used to.

Several years of training at big corporate gyms showed her the impersonal, numbers-over-people side of the business. That's when she came to train at Method, where we put your interests and concerns above the bottom-line. Outside of the gym she keeps busy chasing her two dogs, running obstacle courses, and with a Thursday night pizza ritual. And if her current obsession is achieved you may just see her competing on American Ninja Warrior some day. 

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Stylish without being trendy, private without being stuffy, fun and energetic but serious about your success. A wide variety of equipment for varied and dynamic workouts. And Rhode Island's only M6 Treadwall!
5 stars on Yelp and Google+!